Kendra Wilkinson Lost Her Panties!

kendra wilkinson lost her panties pic

So Kendra Wilkinson has always been a die hard LA Lakers fan and is always going to the games and supporting her team. She has also been known to be quite the party animal. I got a pic of her after the game…. and after a few too many to drink lol. She may be a sloppy drunk but she is definitely a cool chick!

I don’t think that’s where those go! lol -StarzUncut

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  • khalilah

    wow no offense kendra but ur husband looks kinda weird in that picture!!!

  • Al

    I think that’s J.A. Adande from ESPN………….

  • tom

    that not her husband

  • Katherine

    I think that’s J.A. Adande,she is crazy!!!

  • Katherine

    she is a panty sniffer!

  • AshlyAnn

    hilarious pic btw. but yeah it doesnt make since to have a kid that soon. having all your kids around the same age is a pretty good but at the same time really stress full and plus the toll it takes on your body can be horrible!