Tiger Woods’ Wife Leaves Him and Goes to Sweden?

Tiger Woods

Reports Elin Nordegren Tiger’s wife, bought a new mansion in Sweden last week. Everyone is wondering if Tiger Woods will be living their?

A reported $2.2 million was put down by Elin, Located on an island only accessible by boat near Stockholm.

Reports speculated that Elin was looking at the mansion back in August — months before Tiger’s affair came about.

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  • Dave

    he is a scumbag and who cares about him anymore. I don’t!

  • Online Sports

    Tiger going to Sweden?
    You can run Tiger, but you can’t hide. Some news sites say the world’s best golf player could be moving to Sweden to escape the media glare. But if this happens he won’t be able to escape the guilt of his actions. Anyway, isn’t Sweden a country filed with beautiful blondes? Bad choice for a sex addict.