Lindsay Lohan Partying At Coachella Last Year

Lindsay Lohan Partying At Coachella

SPOTTED: Hi StarzUncut, I saw Lindsay Lohan backstage at Coachella last year and she was totally wasted. I tried to talk to her but she seemed totally out of it and was mostly just keeping to herself. I took this picture of her partying with model Kate Moss, who also didn’t seem like she was all there lol. She probably doesn’t remember much from the concert but either way it was pretty cool to meet her in person. Not only that but the music was super amazing and the whole event was so much fun!

We hope Lindsay can get her partying under control. -StarzUncut

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  • Hideo Ishihara


    I love Kate & Lindsay.

    I want meet you.

    Because Yon are very wonderful.

    From Hideo Ishihara