Pornstar Jenna Haze All Over McLovin!

Pornstar Jenna Haze All Over McLovin!

Superbad” star Christopher Mintz (AKA McLovin the organ donor for Hawaii) plays a dork in the movies, but off the camera he is actually quite the ladies man.

Here he is a a movie premiere getting down and dirty with adult film star Jenna Haze. They were fooling around most of the night and getting a little crazy. I don’t know if they left together or not but McLovin was lovin life! Straight Busted!!!

Let’s hope McLovin was tested for STD’s after this photo was taken -StarzUncut

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    awww Mclovin

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    Uh, does McLovin know where that mouth’s been?!

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    lol love it!!

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    LOL it’s mclovin!

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