Britney Spears Is So Hot!

britney spears is so hot

SPOTTED: I am a looooong time fan of Ms Britney Spears! She as been such a huge inspiration to me and my family. I have been following her career all the way from the beginning and I know I am truly her biggest and most loyal fan. On my trip to Hollywood I bought a star map and got her address  and waited all day in front of her house to see her, but she never came home, so I  went back the next day to see her again. I have even tried looking her number up online. Finally on December of 2006 I met Britney Spears, I have been waiting for that moment my whole life. She is by far the most talented and hottest entertainer out there.  Please post this on your site and let everybody know. Thanks

Wow just a little creepy LOL -StarzUncut

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