Lucky Girl Kissing Justin Bieber

Lucky Girl Kissing Justin Bieber Pic

So me and Justin Bieber are going out now. LOL! jk but I did get to meet him and he was the coolest person ever! We chatted for a bit and talked about music and stuff. Of course I had to get a picture, especially since my friends never would have believed me. I couldn’t keep my hands off him but he didn’t seem to mind, before he left I surprised him and gave him a kiss! Let’s just say I’m the luckiest girl ever and truly Justin’s #1 fan. xoxo

I’m pretty sure you made all the teenage girls out there jealous. -StarzUncut

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  • toby

    dude i think you sound like a girl and what is up with your har do you gotta do that dumb thing with it every 5 mins