Charlie’s Angels Cameron Diaz Stops By My Work!

Charlie's Angels Cameron Diaz Stops By My Work!

SPOTTED: This was already back in like 08 when I worked over in Hollywood at a restaurant and Cameron Diaz stopped by. This wasn’t the first time either, she has actually been in here quite a few times. This time I was lucky because I happened to have my camera with me. Of course I had to let her know Charlie’s Angels is one of my favorite movies of all time. She was in amazing shape for that movie. I asked her how she got in such good shape, at first she said thanks than she told me it was a combination of strict dieting and a strong training program. It wasn’t easy at all especially because we both have a sweet tooth. We were totally laughing together and just really talking about all of her movies.

Cameron you are so sweet if my boss wasn’t their I could have talked all night. It has been along time since she has come in again. It was such a great story we still talk about it to this day. Of course I have this pic for my Myspace and Facebook profiles oh and I even have it framed at home. I only have good things to say about you Ms Diaz you are like my favorite actress. If you are reading this thanks again and don’t be a stranger. Look forward to seeing you again.

My co worker one of the waiters said she was dining with a couple other male actors he wasn’t sure who they all were, but thinks one of the other guys was Ben Stiller. Word on the street is Cameron is a really good tipper and has a really flirty personality. My friend was joking around saying Cameron was hitting on him or at least I think he was joking. I told him she is way out of your league and at the time she was dating Justin Timberlake.

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