Keeping Up With The One And Only Kim Kardashian

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

SPOTTED: After watching the Laker game at the staple center the crew went over to a Hollywood hills party. Yo it was popin was living the good life, there were a lot of celebrities at the party, I even think I saw that dude from the saints oh Reggie Bush that guy got so much bigger since the last time I saw him on USC. . He is a solid player and does work on the field son.

I had to say what up to my girl Kim Kardashian. Holla at your boy Kim! Reggie was learkin though he might think that I would take is girl with my looks or something. Don’t worry about it I got my girl. Kim did look out of this world I am not going to lie. With her e rings and all and the dress wow what you know about that!

So I am a new artist in the game coming up in this world. You guys will be seeing more of me with Kim or just other celebrity probably just the ladies. I drop a little something for you check it: Kim and I together is a BOLD statement that will never get old ,thats what I be TOLD.

We will tell her to holler next time we see her – StarzUncut

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    Why does every idiot on this site think they’re ‘an up and coming rapper’? There’s a reason no one has STILL ever heard of you.