Octomom In The House

Octomom In The House

SPOTTED: Octomom in the house at Red Robin, where I work- talk about fine dining! She put back a few milk shakes and a burger. I have to say she was really nice and pretty, who would have thought?!

I hear that recently she did some kind of weird fetish photo shoot. We know you have to pay your bills, but seriously, what are you thinking? How in the world are you going to explain this to your kids when they grow up! I really think you should have thought this one out a little more.

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  • Alvin

    Who was she with? Is that her attorney, Jeff Czech?

  • Anna

    She did something horrific. She intentionally and reckless endangered her very own babies just so she could be rich and famous. She had twelve embryos transferred. What kind of “mother” maims her own children just so she can get plastic surgery, clothes, makeup, manicures, eyelash extensions, etc.
    You girls should be ashamed of yourself for elevating her to some sort of celebrity status, as if she’s done something to be celebrated.
    You should ostracize her or throw rocks at her, but instead you have your picture taken with her. If you really understood what she has done you would put boogers in her food.

  • Ok…

    Sooo, you’re soooo broke but, still eating out? So, you’re sooooo into healthy eating, ya right. Seriously, Nad-a-care-in the world…. face it, the only thing you’re good at is pathological lying & humiliating children….

  • xoxo

    OMG i luv octomom! anna you need to stop hating and stop being so jealous

    • Anna

      Excuse me, “jealous” of those poor children suffering under her “mothering”? My heart bleeds for them. You must be a materialistic person that doesn’t understand the real issue here. The issue is the neglected children, not that she has the newest Coach purse or the latest Juicy Couture sweat pants. Who care about that label whore stuff except 15 year olds? The issue is the sad little ignored babies locked in their cages with bottles thrown at them, stuck in the dark watching five videos a day. Lonely little babies that don’t have a real mother. They don’t say the word “Momma”. They don’t reach out for her, they try to get away, because she picks them up by the arms. You missed the point. Go back to looking at pictures in Vogue. Oooooooooh, Anthropology, MAC, Rolex, The Gap, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Manolo Blahnik, OPI. Is that what you think this is about? Stuff?

  • KK

    Celebrity, OMG! She’s a nobody people. xoxo, Anna is right, you should do your homework on this lying pig. She shouldn’t be commended for doing something so stupid.

  • nadya suleman

    I hope they spit in her food.

  • http://twitter.com/krissteenaa @krissteenaa

    God is she ever ugly!

  • kendra

    Well I think she pretty and she should do whatever she can to talk care of her and her kids