Justin Bieber Throwing Up Gang Signs

Justin Bieber Throwing Up Gang Signs

Hey StarzUncut, check out this photo of my friend with Justin Bieber. I’ll tell him to write in a story of the time he met him.

Nice pic. lol -StarzUncut

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  • enyea

    thats not a gang sign that means west side uh duh lol

  • Jeana


  • BiebFan

    WOW love Bieber!!! but I didnt no he joined a gang. lol

  • tenzinbieber

    wow!!!he iss my boy!!he is perfect guy in the universe!!i love you most!!!!!keep rock the world!!!

  • Felipe(Brasileiro)

    Hello, I’m a fan of Justin, I see many videos of him here in Brazil!
    I would like to talk to him daily on the internet, msn, blog, MySpace, e-mail, something I often talk with him.


  • Felipe(Brasileiro)

    Hello, I’m a huge fan of Justin, I see many videos of him here in Brazil!
    I would like to talk to him daily on the internet, msn, blog, MySpace, e-mail, something I often talk with him.


  • katie

    uh hi i thinkk justin bieber needs to get a life i hate him! my whole family does i hope he is in a gang and goes to jail where he can sing to his jail homies about a fake girl song that some washed out michael jackson type guy wrote for him.go watch barbie girls justin and sing with them who knows maybe you will get an ugly fat 90% plastic girlfriend who you will kill in less than a half an hour notice. go be homeless justin! per****

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  • Jasmine

    omg…his white ass! he cant even put up da west coast or wateva sign good. stop justin! but i love justin bieber’s music!!!!!!!!! lol

  • mayridennia

    hi justin bieber

  • mayridennia

    omg I love you

  • tianna

    ilove youu soo much can we meet in england please

  • tianna

    who the hell do you think you are you like him because of his music i like him besause everything about him and he can do this if he waant`s to.

  • tianna

    what do you know about the boy`s ass your an ass hole and your jealous

  • tianna

    katie you can fuck of and go to hell the devil is in you katie

    • John

      Hypocrisy at its best. Shut up.

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

  • Hideo Ishihara


    I love Justin Bieber.

    I want meet you.

    Because Yon are very wonderful.

    From Hideo Ishihara

  • ска

    хорошо :-) таски

  • uxpbmimqk

    omg i HATE bieber!!!

  • Kathy Moore

    as you can tell, that justin bieber is not throwing up a gang sign, DUH & if he was this must have been like A YEAR OR SIX MONTHS AGO cus justin doesnt look that young anymore!! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER =)

  • Your Mama

    Hes to big a pussy to be in a gang.

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  • *Smh*

    That guy next to him is throwing up the illuminati sign. *smh*

  • Mark*

    Bieber is growing some balls… its about time!

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  • YLucero

    To Enyea and all others who think this is not a gang sign: Obviously the westside hand sign originates from gangs. So, yes it is a gang sign. And considering how many teenagers love him, he should be careful what he does in public. Especially because once someone famous does it, it becomes ok for everyone else. Parents, do you want your kids throwing up the westside symbol like it is no big deal?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    I read that Justin is an OG rolling 20s crip OG

  • ashcook

    To set the records strait the guy next to J.B is my brother and idk who wrote the blog of the picture but its 100% false him & JUDE r friends n worked 2gether @ a Radio Station n Dallas where this picture was taken…. And yall people make a big deal over nothing but a picture we all know he isnt gang related ! ! 2Great people working together thats all it is .. Hater go check out the page @ judedyllan.com Thank You have a good day.