Movie Star Ben Affleck Taking Back Shots


SPOTTED: You know just hanging out with one of the biggest stars on the planet Ben Affleck taking back a few shots. Let me be the first to tell you the man can drink. Not sure if it was because he was a lot younger or if he is just a heavy boozer, but he was glowing all night. To be honest with you I couldn’t really keep up they were taking double shots all night. I am guessing that they had to have been celebrating something big.

All in all Ben and his friends were extremely nice and accommodating to me and my friends. What an amazing night we all had from what I can remember!

Ben those are definitely some well deserved shots! -StarzUncut

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  • Timto

    Ben Affleck is my hero!!!!

  • Mark*

    Affleck is now an A list actor as well as an A list drinker! lol

  • sky

    One time I ran into Ben he is the nicest guy ever!!! Yes you got that right.