Lady Gaga At The Pub Before Her Amsterdam Concert


SPOTTED: Here’s my favorite star Lady Gaga hanging out at a local pub in Amsterdam right before her concert back in 2009. I was soo surprised to see her there and she was soo nice she even let me take a pic with her! The concert was amazing and seeing her before the show definitely made my day! I love you Lady Gaga!!!


Me and Lady Gaga =D

Lady Gaga concerts are always a lot of fun! Nice to see you had a great time. -StarzUncut

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  • xoxo

    OMG your so lucky!!!

  • Mark*

    She is my all time fav!!!

  • gagalover

    Ms Gaga’s concerts are the best! I have now been to a few and I had the best time ever!!! Can’t wait until she comes to my town for her next concert!! Can’t wait!!! Love you GAGA!!!!