Tmz Enough Already Leave Lindsay Lohan Alone


Ok Tmz, I am going to put it to you like this, Lindsay Lohan is my girl! She is one of the kindest and sweetest people you will ever meet. So, I am confused why you choose to keep bashing her over and over again on your site. Sure, she has problems like everyone else…guess what…she ‘s human! But I don’t think you are helping her, or even care if she gets better at all. You are making it extremely hard for her to get better, or seek help. Truely, you have no shame in what you are doing to Lindsay, or to all the stars, for that matter. Bottom line, you live off of sucking the blood out of people for the almighty buck. You want to hold someone up for ridicule? Take a look at yourselves and your organization….you think Lindsay has problems? TMZ lives off the weaknesses of others to make yourselves look cool, or big and powerful, well let me tell you something Harvey, you  would be a nobody without these fallen from grace celebrities who you live to make fun of!  So, why don’t you make this world a better place by showcasing stars’ positive qualities and good that they’re doing in this world? Won’t make you enough money…won’t get you enough notoriety? You might want to think about showing some respect to the human race one of these days. Let me ask you something, how do you sleep at night knowing you are ruining an amazing person and entertainer’s life?

We could not agree with you more. Lindsay, the people who really know you, know you are an incredible person. Don’t let Tmz bring you down, anymore. It’s about time we shine a positive light on you and praise you for all the people you have inspired along the way and all the good things you have done. We wish you the best and hope that the road you’ve had to struggle on brings you wisdom and eventual peace. If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask, we are here for you!! -StarzUncut

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  • Mark*

    Sorry starz I have do disagree with you she recently stole a necklace from a store and has more than enough money to pay for it, pretty stupid.