Kelsey And Camille Grammer Before Their Messy Divorse


SPOTTED: I got to meet Kelsey and Camille Grammer (actually I think she now goes by Camille Donatacci again) while I was in Los Angeles a while back. They were spending a night out on the town and seemed like a nice fun loving couple so I was quite shocked when I heard about all of the drama going on with their marriage. I know relationships with Hollywood movie stars usually don’t last but I must say I sure was surprised when I heard some of the things going on especially when I heard Kelsey likes to wear woman’s clothing. To me that is just flat out weird and I’m sure it’s not going to help his image. Although he was nice when I met him, I’m sure not going to look at him the same.

Kelsey always seemed a little strange but his woman’s clothing fetish took that strangeness to a whole new level. I guess what ever floats your boat right? -StarzUncut

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