Top 10 Busted Celebrity Pics

Here’s a list of the top 10 best Busted Celebrity Pics…

#10. Snoop Dogg


Usually it would be a big deal seeing a celebrity smoking a blunt in public, but with Snoop Dogg it’s just part of every day life. In fact, I think people would probably be more surprised if they didn’t see him smoking something.

#9. Josh Duhamel


Here’s Josh Duhamel getting a little creepy with a girl that looks about half  his age. It’s just a matter of time before girlfriend Fergie sees this pic.

#8. Chritopher Mintz


McLovin getting handled by a couple of ladies backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. I don’t think he ever won any awards, yet these girls are treating him like he was actor of the year or something.

#7. Tommy Lee


Straight busted! Let’s hope the other members from Montley Crew don’t see this, Tommy will never hear the end of it. Let’s just blame it on the booze even though he was probably dead sober. lol

#6. Rihanna


Rihanna getting up close and personal with some random dude. I guess she has a new secret lover, either way she made this kids day!

#5. Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx caught red handed slapping a hot piece of a** at the Playboy mansion.

I can only imagine what the two did later that night, go Jamie!

#4. Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest the ladies man! Looks like these beautiful girls can’t get enough of Seacrest, do you think his celebrity status has anything to do with it?

#3. Carmen Electra

carmen-electra-has -her-hands-full

WOW, aggressive Carmen Electra has two handfuls of man boob, she looks like she is turned on by this.

Ms Electra this is something you may want to do behind closed doors.

#2. Too Short


Too Short going nuts! Looks like he’s squeezing a pair of double d’s. By the look on the girls face to the right, odds are he probably scored a threesome.

#1. Justin Bieber


Hard core gang member Justin Bieber representing the westside. When did he join a gang, he hasn’t even hit puberty yet?

Do you think he had to get jumped in?

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  • KJones22

    dude bieber is such a little sh*t!

    • Peyton

      Shut up! If u want to call someone a sh*t, call urself one u sh*t!

  • RandyG

    lol @ TooShort, big pimpin!

  • tbr

    *Mötley Crüe

  • zzz

    fuck all

  • mainvein

    The only reason Tommy Lee has tattoo sleves is to cover his track marks.

  • Peyton

    Shut up!Kjones22! If u want to call someone a sh*t, call urself one u sh*t!

  • michael armfield

    justin is a fake he probabley never ben 2 a down west before

  • Mando

    Bieber has the Fever!

  • Soccerlover Tomas7

    Yo jb u don’t fuck with west side sine man that fucked up if u are not black please dont ever do that again its just not right

  • Romeopalu

    ues just jelouse of the little skuxx keint, fucking faggots grow up immature fags! (TOO SHORT=TOO SKUXX)

  • coreywhybpurn

    omfg rihanna is so fuckin hot i just wanna have sex with her and suck her nipples and pussy

  • Atteberrydalton

    justin bieber a gang member i alredey know hes gay

  • Rebecca

    I want more sex videos