Giuliana Rancic Looks Like A Different Person Without Makeup


SPOTTED: When I first saw Giuliana I had no idea it was her until a friend of mine told me. This was right before she got her makeup done for the Golden Globes 2011. She was real hesitant to take this pic with me because she was simply a blank canvas, but she took it anyway which was probably a bad idea. lol Now I am sending it into Starzuncut for the whole world to see! Please don’t hate me Giuliana.

The difference is night and day. -StarzUncut

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  • sarah

    The truth is that she still looks much prettier than you. You can add as many layers of make up as you want, this picture is not making any favor to you…;

  • KS

    I don’t agree with Sarah. I think you are beautiful, Giuliana is as well, but I dont think she is prettier than you by an means. Guliana looks good with or without makeup, but shes not drop dead gorgeous. Im sure you would still be gorgeous even without makeup on. I googled her and saw that in a few photos she is extremely pretty but in a few rather mousy and gaunt looking. It has to do with facial features not celebrity status Sarah. . . I just think the blonde gal looks prettier, at least in this pic..btw this is an unbaised opinion as I am a straight female and dont know who Guliana ( i had to google her..) is or who the blonde gal is. I just stumbled upon this page and thought Sarah’s comment was a bit rude.

    Thats all

  • kat

    Wow giuliana looks like ET … Im sorry but she is not pretty and the way she acts makes even uglier!

  • Samantha Hong

    I honestly thinks she looks so beautiful with her bare face :) I love it. She looks different, but she looks naturally pretty.

  • Ann

    I think she looks beautiful, too! Def a diff of night and day, but she still looks great!

  • Pammella

    Ok I thought I couldn’t stand her face then I saw this! Omg!!! She looks like all us latinos that shop in miami