Charlie Sheen Live On Sheen’s Corner

Coming to you live from the internet Charlie Sheen in “Sheen’s Korner”…

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  • Don Eiges

    Charlie we all love you man but you need professional help before you end up like all the other celebrities that have died on drugs. Man you had all my respect and still do but I’d hate to see you kill yourself……I’ve been there, not with as much money as you have but I have been through the bullshit you are going through…..

    • whyo

      GOOD advice don…hope he takes it….before it is too late..

      • fred

        I feel the same way. I really like the guy. I can understand how he got like this. I relate to him in a lot of ways. However you are so right. He needs to chill out and filter his tiger blood and sober up before its too late. Dont fall in public. Go home, close the door and sleep off a good one…..then come back a give them hell.

  • randy bente

    GO AWAY people are tired of you rich assholes that dont get your way. you have shown what a prick you are too many times. please go away.

    • shell

      well don’t watch… I believe all you assholes that have no respect for Charlie need to back off and leave him alone.

      • whyo

        respect is one thing..concern is another…obviously leaving Charlie alone brought him here…he needs serious help…not funny any more…we don’t want charlie to end up with the other celebs..who are gone before thier time do we…

        • Esther Nylen

          Da Loosing! he is acting like a child and if his so called friends cared about him they would help him before he ends up dead.

      • Todd

        We love you Charlie. Please get some help. You are so taleneted and blesed. GooosFraaaBaaaa. Get the anger monky off your back. God Bless….

    • Whisky Man

      Drug users are loosers. This guy has major problems,he needs help. Charlie quit going around saying your a winner, when right now you are a looser.

    • tinadeann5

      Who are these PEOPLE you are talking about? Nobody wants to hear your opinion. If you dont like Charlie and his show, then why would you watch and shine… Turn the channel, its pretty easy!

  • winner!666

    hey charlie you are a winner here in australia, you should start a new show called a winner and a few pornstars, i would like a small cameo roll in that if you can get it going. i will bring all the drugs and lube we will need for the shoot. keep up the good work. you winner!

    • Twinkz


  • shell

    You guys are hilarious….

  • mike strawn

    Mr sheen I think you are an excellent actor. We are about the same age and I believe that you may need to grow up just a bit you have beautiful children and they are always going to need their father and you seem like a man that can control all bad thoughts and desires. I truly wish you luck my friend. A TRUE FAN. MIKE STRAWN

    • galeana

      i feel the same way keep your chin up charlie

  • mary

    Charlie Sheen should have a long sit down with Robert Downey Jr. Wasn’t he thinking aliens were going to come and found hiding in someone’s yard naked about 15 years ago? He has certainly bounced back from that and now is making millions SOBER? I feel bad for all who are involved with Charlie Sheen, especially his children. Even if he does show evidence of sobriety, he should be prevented from seeing his children for awhile. Until he gets some help for his serious delusions. I hope the best for him and for his family.
    Thank you.

  • jessica

    im in your corner!!!!!!

    • jamie

      jessica im in his corner to!! i think he rocks!!

  • jessica

    im in your corner

  • john edgar S.

    charlie is not crazy , its more that eeryone else is sedated by entertainment an news thinking for them jes+ us =

    • Sally

      You go r just say it as you see covering anything up.. Good on you Charlie..if I was there I would put the weights on you,,you r a hotty

  • john edgar S.


  • suzanne

    this guy has been pushed tooo far……and still fighting. he is trying to show people how to fix things yourself, go charlie!!

  • joe woo

    its over !

  • joe woo

    It is what it is ! Da’ Dumma’ Da’ Farma’ Da’ Bigga’ Da’ Potata’ ! Thats what it is !!!!!!!

  • joe woo

    Careful they don’t drop the NET on you , who knows where one goes from there .

  • galeana

    hey charlie
    i m with you hon, keep your chin up,i hope you get to see your kids soon i know that it hurts not having them with you, be strong

  • Marshall

    Charlie, be cool man, dont let all these f-ers mess with your head. It looks like there getting to you by responding to all the bull shit. You know how they all can twist your words around, STOP giving them the time of day, take care of Charlie, you starting to make your self look bad. Im all for you and hope you’d put a stop to it. You givin in to it, your better than all this shit,stop it. Take care Charlie and relax.

    • whyo

      great comment…main goal…to be WINNING..BUT TO BE clear clean sober…those around him DO NOT CARE..

  • Marshall

    Charlie why do you want to give in like this, they are playing you and making you a fool.Clean up and put your self together man you have got alot of people behind you. Pull up man, your better than this BS……

  • Shawn Bishop

    Man I have got to say you are one of the greatest icons of your time. We must stand by them that live there way. With no question I think he can stop with his problems but the gold diggers and blood s@ckers should best back off he is a winner he could just bounce up if he were to do the story of me and my fathers life they would kneel before him and then truly understand him . his family are great he is great a mastermind if you all say your behind him then back him never feed into greed back stab help and stand behind him a block buster done by him idependently now would be the best chess move ever we should all learn from his no nonesence life and stand and watch whats next it will be great i will asure you till the next film becouse he is charlie sheen

    • matt

      an icon? what world do you live in? president obama is an icon men who make a real change in this world not men who show its backside

      • rogpogy

        president obama has no winner skills/balls like charlie does !!that makes charlie a icon to us true Americans that believe in our heritage/balls, what has our fine president done to be a icon?(besides the american dumb voteing him in OUR office)…keep fight’n these bastvrds,dont ever give up charlie !!

  • whyo

    SERIOUSLY, unless you are “acting”…this is past rock bottom for you…it was funny at first and is soo sad..get the help you need..only YOU can do it..but not in this mind set…as the bronx tale quote” wasted talent….

  • joe

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  • death 360


  • Dalton

    Dear Charlie please step back from EVERYTHING and take a look at yourself! PLEASE!! I am not judging or condeming you but I can see the monster taking control of you. You are brilliant so you should be able to understand that you are on the edge of your own distruction. You are in danger of losing yourself How can that be winning? My heart aches to see the misery that you have become and know that there is nothing I can do but sit back and watch this. I pray that God will give you the wisdom to understand that you need to come down from your throne and see you are just a man in need of others love and support

  • Dalton

    Man Charlie can you step back and take a look at yourself? You are loosing yourself and the demon addiction is taking control You have lost your children, your job, your self respect and your peace of mind. Look at the turmoil and drama that has become your life How can that be WINNING? PLEASE come down from the thrown you have put yourself on and realize that you need the love and support that the people who love you are willing to give before you lose yourself completely! You are an itelligent man and and my heart is breaking to see what you have done to yourself.I pray that God will give you the wisdom to admit that you need! In love and support A concerned Fan

  • Ron

    you are really letting down alot of fans of two & a half men. Quit being such an Ass.

  • matt

    Hey charlie you look ate up bro! get away from those drugs Because you are looking like a troll! but seriously you have loads of talent and you are pissing it away because of pride! let it go and people will forget until then you will just be a snl joke and that sucks because you are one of the best actors in hollywood! sorry for the heavy judgment but i really want to see you do well and stay on the screen! drop the crazy babble too!!

  • lizard king

    As an ex-drummer in a rock band, I say party on and send me an invite so I can get on it!

  • Jacqueline Purdy

    In your corner! #winning!

  • always loved charlie

    Hey charlie U need a real women to fill your needs baby…I have been a fan for ever..loved the rookie…men at work.,..I have loved you and will always love you…I support u so much…will miss the show though I got to C u and I do love to C U …To meet U would b a dream come true…loving Charlie in Baton Rouge..kisskiss hughug

    • lovinlife

      Sounds like somebody is applying for the job as goddess in this sad debauched house of the warlock —- was he the 1/2 of 2 1/2 men. Well I guess if u think its who has the most sex with random porn stars that would be Walock Sheen. Can we say STDs

  • Amanda

    Could this be anymore scripted?? Yesterday was AWESOME. Today is helping put me to sleep. YAAAWWWNNNNN! WINNING! I feel like I’m getting gg gipped!

  • Jimmy

    Charlie is not well. He needs help now before its to late. Come on Charlie, most of us would rather have you around than not.

  • Shugrrr

    How much cocaine has Charlie had?????

    Enough to kill Two and a Half Men………

    • ScubaSteve

      LOL too funny!

  • Jimbo

    How long did it take him to write all this down? Warlock? really, ” my power will consume you ” you have power and your a warlock? sizzle losing bye……. dude, get help before it’s too late..

  • elizabeth

    everyone has their own probs, some more than others…but when you take a mans children and money…do u expect him to sit back and not do ne thing…hell no , he is gonna retaliate…what did yall expect…im in ur corner charlie…put the shoes on their foot for a moment…what if charlie hadda quit the show …the writers would have him in court faster than u can say “winning” …i think they should pay him the last 8 e[pisodes cause he is ON CONTRACT..Charlie maybe u might need to let up on the craziness just a lil…show them that u are a decent person after all…if n e thing for ur twin boys…

  • Jim

    Hey Charlie I doubt you will read this, I have to say at first I was somewhat offended by you comments on A.A. But last night I broke down and went back to a A.A. meeting, I have beend sober and clean for the last 25 years, but the past 6 months my daughter has been very ill and in and out of Children’s Hospital, plus I lost my job and ran my old car in the ground making the 100 miles trek to and from the hospital to be with my daughter, hell a couple times I made the trip on my motorcycle when it was raining and snowing. Well back to AA I went to a meeting looking for support, but all I got was “Turn it over to your Higher Power” and “Keep coming back”. Now I wasn’t expecting anyone to hand me a few thousand dollars so I could get a dependable car, I was hoping someone would say “I know someone who may hire you,,,,,something…..anything. I went there for some hope and left feeling hopeless. This is a meeting of Doctors and Lawyers, anyone of them if the Spirit moved them could have said “Here take one of my 6 cars” My career choice is Emergency Medical, I believe if I’m going to help someone I’m have to put myself out there and help. Can you imagine next time I roll up on the scene of a car wreck, and I crawl into the wreckage and tell the trapped person “You have to Turn it over to your Higher Power”. You hang in there, and take care of yourself and yours, in this day and age no one else will.

    • mark o

      I go to meetings not expecting anything but to help another alcoholic. When you loose your Higher Power you have pretty much lost the program. Did you share, did you talk to anyone after the meeting, did you ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, oh yes, our egos don’t allow that. I’m not a doctor or lawyer. As a matter of fact I’m an ordinary(not special) working man. What I have I can thank God for, and AA. I was all but dead now I have a life. Please go back to a meeting you find comfortable with and use the tools you were given.

  • BigIrish

    I think that you are on to something the country and maybe the entire world is hidden behind lies fraud and people to scared and self obsorbed to confront it as a plague!!! Good luck to you Charlie!!!

  • Esther Nylen

    My friends and I agree that the real stars of the show are Allan and Berta anyway! I say good riddens to Charlie who? Da Loosing!

  • Esther Nylen

    My friends and I agree that the real stars of the show are Allan and Berta, we say good riddens to Charlie, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. Da Loosing.

  • ann

    Charlie your fans and myself are worried about you. You need to get away from the people that are enabling you to keep going on like this. Please listen to your family. Your family are the ones that love you unconditionally. Please do this for yourself…

  • hannah

    I think it’s all messed up that everyone continues to rant and rave about Charlie Sheen, he is not of sound mind at this point in time. I have a brother 7 years my senior that has a head injury and Charlie Sheen sounds just like him. Bubba the Love Sponge wants to get Charlie on his station here in Orlando, FL just to blast him. It seems to me that everybody in his life has “quit” or “resigned”, respectfully of course, because they are terrified of him. I say rather than watch the train wreck Baker Act him; he needs a psych evaluation. If he chooses not to go with the help he WILL lose his career and that is a fact. If he hasn’t already lost it, if Robert Downey Jr. can do it so can Charlie Sheen!!!!! Do it for your KIDS! They need you!!

  • hannah

    The mo’ money the mo’ problems

  • Cindyboo111

    Mr Sheen, I won’t say it is what it is LOL I know that you will straighten out all those who have wronged you out! Get er done as Larry the Cable Guy would say! I am a loyal fan and look forward to seeing you in action! Cynthia

  • grumpy bear

    Charlie,goes for it whatever it is. Light it at both ends you can handle the truth or thee truth or you are truth not troll. We have beings & doers,who are doing what,who are being what.Why all the fuss peoples,this ain’t no zoo,who’s lookin at you-s,are you? Take a real good look to see what you can see.In the beginning there was dark & then light & now fire,the phoenix rises. can you get that its happening now,not yesterday or tomorrow,NOW. It takes a lot of paint to do this canvas,by the gallons it flows. Push on & on & on,don’t hold back the truth for nothing/anything/anywhere.

  • Nio

    You go Charlie and sue those greedy Hollywood producers who pay you 1.8 mil and make 100 times off of you. 2.5 men is the story of your life and that’s why the high rating not because of the smart writers. To replace you is like your mom replacing your father without you noticing. What you do during your off period is your no body’s business as long as you show up for work and do your job. However stay away from the hard drugs and alcohol and you will be fine try smoking pot to relax. Just like hookers ever one has a price so if you can generate cash then WB must pay you what you are worth.

  • Andy

    Hey Dude well if you are doing right and staying clean cool i want the best for you i like your work i am a EX DRUG ADDICT & BOOZER FOR 38 YRS AND IT CAN BE DONE. you doing crazy things cool keep it out there but don’t cause trouble for yourself anymore but if your sober i with you steer it up keep it out there and when they find out your sober and you come back your in the money $$$$$$$$$$$$ it can be done take care Andrew Hermansen Hope you reed this ROCK ON

  • roger dodger

    Im with you Charlie -you are a true patriot

  • Andy

    Hey man hope your clean it can be done you have been there i know it can be done as long as you use the things you learned in rehab befor i thank the funniness is cool keep it up as long as your sober but dont make anymore trouble for your self i was a DRUG ADDICT AND BOOZER FOR 37 YRS AND IF YOUR CLEAN your come back will be good just prove that your not using or losing it$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ take care Andrew Hermansen Good luck i LOVE IT crazy hmmmmm

  • lonnie

    am i winning

  • colleen

    Please Charlie…
    Stop ranting. you have words of such knowledge but you are ruining
    yourself… Please… Be still and all we time… in time.

  • dennis

    keep up the good work charlie…i liove it. p.s. i’ll never watch two and an half men again.

  • dah

    keep up the good work charlie…we are loveing it in ohio…and if your not on two and an half men then i’m not watching it.

  • mike

    love you charlie…. hope this turns out like jerry mcguire…… in the end he won. stay well my friend……



  • mark a l

    love ya charlie

  • Sterling

    Lay low.. Let it all come to you. Lets party…

  • Sterling

    Get some sleep. I love ya man. Do it…

  • Sterling

    ya fucked up. 2 and a a half men rocked. Call me… We have so much in common… Bill W is Bastard. Didnt work for me. One size doesn’t fit all. Lets party…
    Winning! Not a fuck stick…

    Party on Garth…

  • Alex

    Hey Charlie
    Hi from NewZealand

    Love you in 2 and a half men I cant count how many times watching the show you made me piss myself laughing.Its a great gift you have that makes people laugh and smile.

    The talking heads of the vampire media are all over your case they are all hungry for a share of your ratings,we all know they are failing because nobody believes their lies.

    Take care love to ya brother and dont let the bastards get you down.

    Give me some of that tigers blood mate lol

    *2 and a half cheers for Charlie*

  • Hope

    This is not funny! This man need help! He needs to be committed. He is having some sort of mental break. The media needs to pull the plug on him! All of these post should be taken down, and they need to say NO to him. There comes a point in time when making money is not as important as a human life, this man is a father! He is a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend. He needs help and as long as he is getting the attention that he is getting he will not get better.

    • Sally

      You obviously do t get out much and see arou d you..he doesn’t worry about money. Don’t you get it…he is being himself, as he should be allowed to be. Just cause the cameras are on him.24/7 doesn’t mean he can’t be what he wants to be, go Charlie..give me a call. You r such a hotty

  • william

    are you ok dude? many would like to be where your at,and you walk away? liked your show,the best of the best yet,we gonna miss ya,what ever mission your on,no need to hurt your self…take out there. your one of the greats,like your father and brother…later.

    • william

      “fear and loathing in las vegas”, is what you remind of,you would of been great in that pic.later dude….peace out.

      • cagestokerblog

        would of ? or would have ?

        • william

          what ever..

          • william

            Publicity stunt maybe for the show?

  • daniella

    Charlie my family will miss seeing you on the tv at night.We watch your re-runs monday-friday every night, but soon that will get old, seeing the same shows over and over again. This new Charlie we are seeing is not in are taste. We hope you come back to your right mind. The drugs have done something to your mind-set, only a physician and family can help you now!!! Kick everyone out of your house .Let family in!!! your freinds living with you do not have the best care for you when the money runs out so will your house frinds. The drug on the streets have fillers in them such as, baking soda, fabric deg.babypower, etc. what ever you are taking STOP!! Let a real pharmacist prepare your drugs their drugs are pure. Maybe what ever brain damage you have do can be reverse.

  • elena

    its quite amazing huh???
    i dont think hes ranting at all … just venting in an articulated manor hes using metaphors to express himself. HES AN ARTIST PPL.. i like it

  • Sally

    You go are just a natural and not a cover up r honest and speak what you feel..and besides all that you r such a hotty..give me a call anytime

  • william


  • kazz48

    still luv ya charlie.. keep it coming

  • Lann

    I used to watch you years ago. Loved the new sitcom when started. Quit watching long time ago. You have beat up women….shot on old girlfriend, drugged your way through life…..You have more money then ever deserved and the repracutions of that are obvious by watching u. You are either just fried in the mind from to many drugs or just mentally ill. Who cares? You lose!!! Where’s your job? where’s your kids!!! Where’s all your wives? Money???? doesn’t buy you class only more drugs and whores. Good luck with that! So glad they fired you….you didn’t deserve it to begin with!! Now we are all gonna most like watch you die….sad!!! BUT these are all do to your choices!

  • donwthe1

    hay old bud u will not remeber me but we hung out at a club about three years ago we hade a dam good time u saied i was cool and u invited me back 2 your house 2 have more fun lol i hade 2 leave the next morning 2 florida anyways bud iam still your bud but hay man u need 2 move away from the sht that will help a lot i beleve in u bud things cant get worse unless u make them lol come down incongneto lets see whats up ?
    rember me 4 this my little girl alexis was beinng born ?

  • jackie dee

    Charlie=Hi= I am a great fan of yours. (59 yrs old )Don’t let these people get to you..You are a fine actor, and a good father. Keep your head up. You are WINNING! (smiles) .
    If You need a babysitter, or house cleaner. I am available. I would love to help out in any way i can.
    Thanks and take good care of yourself..

  • barshirl

    Charlie, Your latest diatribe reminds me of a Shakespearian offering. Who is writing for you? You both deserve Emmys!! Listen Charlie, I love your acting abilities, but it is time for reality to take over. You have a wonderful family backing you. You don’t need “hangers on” to make you feel great. In times of trouble, rely on the advice of family, in your case especially your Dad. He seems to have your best interest at heart, and loves you without a doubt. And, he isn’t just interested in the publicity and what you can do for him. Tell your entourage to get lost and rely on people that love you because you mean something to them.

  • Kathy

    I feel that he should sit back in about a week and watch this and maybe get some kind of hint to what he should do next!!
    For every one who just says “poor guy” they have probably been there sometime in their own life…instead of casting the first stone,offer some assistance…

  • Kathy

    Think if you are a WINNER,why do the people keep downin’ your ass?Please at least don’t be so “through it in their faces”! People who are jealous of your life and will make you more miserable than what your doing to yourself.
    I would love to meet you and party your ASS OFF,if you know what I mean? I’ll help you to help yourself,offer stands!!!
    Love you and hoping you the best,whatever that maybe for you,man!

  • Kindy

    I always liked what a true artist! But, I am afraid for him. He doesn’t look good at all. I understand he is upset but he looks as if he hasn’t taken a shower with that bed head greasy hair. His finger is gross with nicotine stain. He has so much anger built up he is acting like a crazy lunatic. I’m sorry but he needs some help. If the people living in his house love him so much than take care of him. Poor Charlie. It’s so sad seeing him self destruct like this. If he feels he is being taken care of by his girlfriends he is sadly mistaken. He is lonely and looking so sad..for a man who was such a good looking guy. He needs to wake up and see who he has surrounding him. Let things go for a while and really do some sole searching. Who is the true Charlie Sheen? I sure hope he isn’t this guy!

  • phart nokker

    kinda reminds me of Borroughs

  • barshirl

    Charlie, you are sounding very shakesperian in this speech. I enjoy listening to you, but feel you are doing a lot of acting, instead of
    things coming from your heart. I know that you are going through some
    difficulties, but man up, and own up to your own shortcomings. Drugs are
    not good for you and your mind. They do affect your thoughts, so get into
    some good rehab and get completely clean. Then come back to your public,
    who will look forward to being entertained by you in whatever form you decide upon. We all love you and wish the best for you. May you find peace of mind in the near future. Save a bit of sll that money you earn. You cannot buy love and respect.

  • RedPlumpTomato

    Honestly, so many people have an opinion about this.. Let the man be. I don’t see him letting anyone down, and in fact, he’s simply making a point that life is insane!!!!! I think once you start to “not care” and be a little selfish, life only takes one direction, forward!

  • marty

    hey charlie. people dont understand people like us. we can handle it. i have a wife and kids, take care of them, do my job. i am also diabled, had a stroke, do the best i can. but when i want to party,hey, they say i cant handle it.what the hell. wish i was more like you, just cant afford it. go charlie go. YOU ARE A WINNER.thanks man.

  • renee

    why is it that so many people are into others business .. ? what ever charlie sheen chooses to do, is his decision. all these people need to get a life. these are the same people that are interested in who’s blowing the president. like ..its no ones business. your a great actor , charlie .. and what ever you choose to do on your personal time , is your business. people are so easy to judge others, when half the time they have no clue what is really going on.

  • Peggy

    The Man In The Glass

    When you get what you want in your struggle for self
    And the world makes you king for the day
    Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
    And see what THAT man has to say.

    For it isn`t your father or mother or wife
    Who judgement upon you must pass;
    The man whose verdict counts most in your life
    Is the one staring back from the glass.

    Some people make think you`re a stright shootin chum
    And call you a wonderfull guy;
    But the man in the glass says you`re only a bum
    If you can`t look him straight in the eye.

    He`s the fellow to please, never mind all the rest
    For he`s with you clear to the end;
    And you`ve passed your most dangerous diffuclt test,
    If the man in the glass is your friend.

    You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
    And get pats on the back as you pass;
    But your final reward will be heartaches, and tears
    If you`re cheated the man in the glass.


  • Brady Maddox

    I am backing you 100 percent! I am on the same page if you know what i mean. I am one of your biggest supporters.. good luck to you.

  • Jan

    Charlie just wanted to say how much you will be missed on the show. Our whole family loved Two and a Half Men. I went out and bought the dvd’s of the older shows because it won’t be the same without you. I don’t think they realize that the show is your life not so much that you were playing a role. I really do hope you can get your life back together with your children and family and your career. I don’t know if you are a religious man or not but I will pray for you, You have so much talent please don’t waste it on this kind of life that people say you are living. My husband is a recovering alcoholicand I see what it does to my child and me as well as himself when he falls off the wagon. He also went to a rehab and spent alot of money we did not have but only attended 2 AA meetings. He says he will do it on his own. I do believe with God’s help he can but the first thing he must realize is he must forgive himself. Then also forgive the people he wronged or hurt. Life can not heal if the wounds are still open. It’s time for you both to heal yourselves and then let the people in your life that truly love you for you not what they can get from you !!! Family and God !!! You were so handsome and you really must look in the mirror and see how this lifestyle has aged you. I don’t judge that is not for me to do but Please Charlie Take Care of Yourself and come back to us the Talented, Funny, man I know you can be. You brought laughter to our lives on the show and we would sit and watch you for hours during the marathon’s they have been running and we used the dvr to record some of your earlier shows. Hope to see you soon back looking as handsome and clean as you always did. Remember your children need their Father !!!

    I wish you only the Best

    Sincerely Jan & Joe

  • karion lay

    i love Sheen,,,two and a half men will never be the same,,,,,,,wish you the best charlie love you and back you in alllllll that you do,,,,rock on my man

  • karion lay

    lllooovvveee yyyyooouuu

  • patti miller

    I am so sad for you. You are so wasted you can not see. Until the drugs are out of your system. ie .. detoxic, there is no hope for you. So many people love you and your work. We have grown up together. You and the public. You have what most of us know we could never have and have followed your life. Dont you have anyone that you have followed and have a mental facination of? You have so much and have no apprication of your talent. Drugs are humbling you. Sucess or failure depends on the love you have for others. It appears you endulge yourself and will refuse to live. It will break the hearts of so many when you “epically die” Like so many before you. You have the option to be a part of what is so obviously a charmed life. Please dont die Charlie. I pray that you will want to live your fantastic life for many years.