Sheen’s Corner Ep 2 Charlie Has Officially Lost It…

Charlie is bringing the crazy straight to us via Sheen’s Corner, I have never seen someone so self destructive…

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  • Dagg

    Holy )*(*(*&*& Charlie! PULL THE F(*&(( UP BUDDY.

    • whyo


  • whyo

    anna nicole…charlie…come on..get these leeches off your life

  • whyo

    anna nicole smith….charlie..ever heard of her…
    get these leeches of you..this isn’t why u are here…

  • whyo

    charlie…address this..what makes u different from anna nicole smith..SERIOUS..
    these leeches are all over you. USING YOU..this is not why you are here ….

  • death 360

    if looks like every body eise is winning at charlies expence get your shit together charlie and dont let the bloodsucking media get ratings judgeing you

  • Stormy


    I pray that you take time to consider your health through everything you are going through. Wouldn’t it be less stressful for you if you turned yourself around right now and started going in a direction that would give you more happiness. Why don’t you want to help yourself. Why don’t you want to be the man we all know you can be. If you want your life back you need to take control of your life. Right now you have lost your way.Pick yourself up, help yourself, love yourself because we all love you. Get better Charlie Sheen! Do the right thing! I beleive in you.

  • Whisky Man

    Dude get a grip! What the hell are you doing to yourself? Your really looking like a fool and a crazed loon to the whole planet. Ever heard of Charlie Manson? That is who you remind me of here.

  • Cindyboo

    Mr.Sheen. I will not say it is what it is LOL Because you will turn it all back around and straighten everyone out! I have faith in you and am a loyal fan of your’s Take Care and Get er done! Cynthia

  • Cindyboo

    Mr, Sheen, I will not say it is what it is LOL Becauese you will straighten everyone out! I have faith in you, So get er done, I am a loyal fan of your’s Cynthia

  • Sterling

    Lay low. All good things will come to you. Love ya, Ster…
    Lets party..

  • Randy

    Wow Hollywood really fucked you up in the head lol,
    Carlos thinks he’s god lol.
    Dude your living in another dimension! your not that great your just a stupid fucking actor who had a show with good writers, now your a ego maniac who thinks he can raise the dead rofl dumb ass you ruined your career and in 10 years you will be living on loser street fuck man you let me down!

  • frankie

    you rule charlie…….you are my new hero…rock on!!!!!!

  • candy

    can u say bath salts. thats why he passed drug test

  • candy

    can we say BATH SALTS!!!