Pete Wentz Kissing Ashlee Simpson


SPOTTED: Pete Wentz kissing Ashlee Simpson!

So I hear Pete and Ashlee got a divorce because of ‘irreconcilable differences’ whatever that means? I wonder if they really tried to work their problems out? My parents have been married for a long time. I was raised to work things out, we all have our share of problems but it’s not just the both of you think about your child.

Pete has always been a nice and genuine, down-to-earth guy even after the big break up. Hope you are doing well.

I think we all saw this coming, to young to soon. They had only been dating a few months when she got pregnant. I am surprised the marriage lasted as long as it did. Pete said he was “bi” which doesn’t make for a very stable marriage.

Sad as they have a beautiful baby boy they love very much.

We wish you both all the best and hope you can get through this hard time. -StarzUncut

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