Fully Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens Surface

Starz I just found out there are more nude pics of Vanessa Hudgens that just surfaced on a bunch of websites this morning.


These new photos revile a whole lot more then the other ones taken a few years ago, yes to all you guys out there she is fully nude.

Vanessa filed a lawsuit against the website that had posted the first pics of her nude back in 2009 stating photos were obtained by “unknown methods” and posted without Hudgens’ “knowledge or consent.”

Whoever is behind these photos couldn’t have picked a better time to post them right before her new movie “Sucker Punch” releases.

Here I thought Vanessa was this innocent girl on the Disney channel, boy was I wrong.

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  • Bobby Ewing

    Well, this being the third round of 2011 nude pics from Vanessa Hudgens – doesn’t this really make you think that this is really no accident. This girl is just starved for attention. Plain and simple.

  • Hollywood123

    She is def a super HOTTIE!!!

    I agree she knows the pictures will leak, she just wants to show off her goodies… but who am I to complain???

    Keep the news flashes going StarzUncut!

    Anyone have any fan pics with Vanessa to share???