Paris Parties In Vegas With Kaskade

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Celeb: Paris Hilton
Where: Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas
When: 3/12/2011 @ 1 A.M.

SPOTTED: I was at the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas next to paris hilton when she was going buck wild in the vip section. Kaskade was performing and I was appalled to see Paris getting down. She came with a bunch guys, however to them she was non existent. Apparently she was on a good one, getting down like nobodies business. She took my friend’s D&G sunglasses and was partying like the rock star that she is. In this video I got her dancing and partying the night away in the VIP section.

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  • Mo

    I thought she wanted to join Islam?

  • Alison

    Did you post the video?