Bam Margera Gets Beat Up By A Girl


Bam Margera got into a brawl last week after the SXSW (South By Southwest) music & film festival. He was at a hotel in Texas when a group of drunks started running their mouths and said some disrespectful things to him. Bam retaliated back by making fun of one of the larger girls in the group referring to her as a “sea otter” and a “beached whale”…… definitely a low blow.

A friend of the woman stood up for her and punched Bam in the face, which turned into a full on brawl. Eventually Bam fell to the ground and that’s when the woman socked Bam and knocked him out cold.

Bam was out for almost 10 minutes, was covered in blood, and ended up with a black eye.

Hopefully Bam learns a lesson from all of this. It’s not worth getting into a fight over something a group of idiots said.  -StarzUncut

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