Chalie Sheen Bombs His First Comedy Show In Detroit


So I just got back from Charlie Sheen’s “Topedo of Truth” show in Detroit and WOW what a disaster and a total waste of money!

At first my friends and I were totally psyched and were expecting an amazing show, especially since it sold out so quick….. but that definitely wasn’t the case.

Charlie had some comedian open for him and the guy wasn’t even funny, he pretty much got booed off stage. Finally after like an hour into the show Charlie started his act…. if that’s what want to call it.

Fans were booing most of the time and I even saw a lot of them leave early. Charlie’s jokes weren’t in good humor and he wasted a lot of time playing random clips that no one even cared about. To top it off Snoop Dogg didn’t even show up. :(

Sorry for the rant, I’m just disappointed and really expected a lot more out of Charlie.

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