Bieber Upset With The Paparazzi In Israel


Looks like politicians have some serious anti-bodies when it comes to Bieber Fever! The star is set to perform in Israel on Thursday night and had initially planned to meet with the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But it seems that neither party could agree on how the meeting should occur. At one point children were said to be included but it seems that all plans have fallen through.

This may have something to do with the political turmoil that has plagued Gaza. Nonetheless, the Biebster has taken to his Twitter to express the difficulty of being a superstar in a holy place.

On the paparazzi/fans:
“They should be ashamed of themselves. Take pictures of me eating but not in a place of prayer, ridiculous.”

“I want to see this country and all the places I’ve dreamed of and whether its the paps or being pulled into politics its been frustrating.”

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