Kobe “Eye Roll” Bryant Apologizes…Again


On Tuesday night’s game, the ever pleasant Kobe Bryant viciously referred to referee Bennie Adams as a “f***ing f****t” after he called a technical foul. The exchange was caught on camera, so he can’t deny it…you know like he’s denied other things. The NBA champ defended himself on the The Dan Patrick Show:

“In this situation, seeing how many people were affected, it helps you understand the weight that comes from that word. That’s why it’s very important for me to communicate how sorry I am to use the word.”

Bryant was fined a hefty (well, monopoly money for him) $100,000 for the comment. There’s no telling whether his payment or “I’m sorrys” will allow for the restoration of his reputation. I mean we all remember what happened to Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington after he used the same words on set. When was the last time you saw Washington in a show/film? Wait…do you even know who he is? Exactly.

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