Lord Help Us! Paris Hilton Returns To Reality TV


Deadhead socialite Paris Hilton is set to return to reality television and we couldn’t be more thrilled (insert sarcasm here). The new show will debut on Oxygen and funnily enough, we’d rather be on oxygen than watch it. It is still unclear what the exact premise of this new endeavor will be but we have some ideas.

Perhaps the show should focus on explaining what the hell it is she does. Or…how about making her serve the prison time that poor people do when they drive drunk. You know, since she was in the slammer for about three seconds.

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  • Chaim Paddaman

    Perhaps they mean that Paris Hilton’s new reality television show will air on the Butter Channel. Paris Hilton’s legs can be compared to pure butter, because they spread so easily. Mainstream audiences know what Paris Hilton is all about. Spin is not going to clean up her image. Miss Hilton’s mediocre legacy has already been cast in stone. Paris Hilton is America’s queen of sleaze and cheap (wholesale) Hollywood fame.