Lind-sane on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Last Night

Oh Lindsey…

Lind-sane made a surprise appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. This resulted in a standing ovation! I’m not sure if these deranged audience members were given free booze prior to taping or if they were paid off but there is no way anyone would applaud this girl unless they were granted incentive or impaired.

In the interview, which airs Tuesday night, the star claims that her jail sentence came as a shock. That’s surprising because she should be used to jail sentences by now!

UPDATE: Today’s “Oh Lindsey” Moment

Our favorite drunken tart is at it again! Lindsey “I don’t remember drinking/stealing that” Lohan can now add delusion to her list of difficulties.

The star made a surprise appearance on Jay Leno last night and revealed that she would like to win an Oscar by the time she’s 30. Excuse us while you laugh for a moment.

We think the chances of Donald Trump volunteering for Obama’s reelection campaign are greater. Between prison and community service (at a morgue no less) we think it’s going to be difficult for the rehab hopping/erratic driver to squeeze an “acting” role in.

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