I Got A KISS From LADY GAGA!!! Yes I Am A Playaaaaa Like That….


Celeb: Lady Gaga
Where: Monster Ball Tour
When: This year

So ya check this out she even signed my super deluxe version of the fame monster album…. I was the first one in line to get it signed…

The concert was so amazing!!! It was even played on HBO… you have to check out the Monster Ball Tour on HBO…

During the show the crowd was so crazy, I felt so not in character, there were guys kissing each other everywhere and people walking around half naked… it was awesome to see all the liberation from the fans….

Lady Gaga makes you feel great to be “born this way”

She is the next Madonna!!!

Lady Gaga to replace Madonna mark my words…

Starz check out my next pic of Gaga and I being monsters and also check out her HBO interview…

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