Jesse James Writes Memoir


Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband has not been doing very well.

He just wrote a memoir about his adultery scandal, saying that people will never look at him the same again, and maybe he “should just kill himself or something.”

About a year ago, news got out that Jesse had cheated on his wife just days after she had won her Oscar. One of his mistresses happened to be the tattoo model, Michelle McGee. He had even checked himself into rehab for drug, alcohol and sex addiction to deal with his issues. Then just a few months ago, he got engaged to Kat Von D, another tattoo model. It seems like quite a change to go from an elegant actress to a tattoo model.
Jesse James has been one of the most “hated” men of America during this scandal. During the incident with his then-wife, there was a picture in “Entertainment Weekly” of him on a motorcycle with a giant mob of people behind him, holding sticks with fire. This was bound to happen since Sandra Bullock was completely well-received right before this happened. She had made two successful movies (The Blind Side and The Proposal), which earned her the Oscar where she gave a heart-warming speech. She had personally thanked her then-husband, and was very humble to the audience. One of her biggest quotes was, “Did I really earn this or did I just wear you all down?”

Now after a year, Jesse is obviously not receiving the forgiveness he may feel like he deserves. According to his memoir, if he disappeared or commit suicide, then people would be happy.

Perhaps it’s just attention that Jesse’s after. It seems that if he really wanted to disappear, he wouldn’t write a memoir, and have it published for the world to see.

Plus, how would his fiancé feel about this?

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