Old Friends Shaquille O Neal And Dwyane Wade Before Their Split Up


Celeb: Shaquille O Neil and Dwyane Wade
Where: At the bar
When: A couple years ago


I wanted to post this pic I had so everyone can see the Love that Dwade and Shaq had back in the days… they were all over each other all night like two brothers…

Now DWADE and the Miami Heat just knocked out Shaq and the Boston Celtics out of the playoffs with a 4-1 series win… Shaq was useless in the series and should just retire… Dwade is still explosive…

So back to this night, so we were chillin the in the VIP, paparaziiii all over the place… Dwade had mad hunnies up in his grill but homeboy did not care… all he wanted to do was pose and take pics with Shaq… my skinny @ss was able to squeeze in next to Big Papa Shaq… check out how long Shaq’s fingers are… could you imagine Shaq trying to type a text message on an iPHONE??

Anyways one day two brothers next day one is sending the other out on an early vacation to go fishing….

Looks like you guys were having a blast. -StarzUncut

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