Love Child Forces Arnold Schwarzenegger To Put Acting On Hold


Hey Starzuncut, I know that Arnold is blocking up all the headlines, but I wanted to spread the word on his future.

It turns out that he’s going to put acting on hold to focus on personal issues…probably a good idea. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be gaining any decent publicity any time soon.

This issue with his love child is really going to boost him lower and lower. After this situation, it’s time to put some other celebrity out in the media. Just as long as it’s not another Charlie Sheen story.

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  • Melmelony

    It makes me feel sick with what celebs get up to they seem to forget they have children and a wife does he not care about them why can they not keep in i
    there trousers

  • BJ

    As a former fan of your “Pumping Iron” and other movies, it is really sad to see how you have dissolved. After you had your ‘LUST’ child , you should have come clean and gotten her out of your house.
    What an “ACTOR”
    BJ, former supporter of you and Maria. Now just a supporter of Maria.