Chillin With Big Shaq And D Wade Back In The Day


Celeb: Shaq and D Wade
Where: Summer Camp
When: 2007


I saw a pic posted today with pics of Shaq and D wade at a club… I thought I would share a pic of me with the guys… they were really nice when I met them… Shaq is a comedian… he was so funny.. we were teasing him that his nipples were hard when he saw wade …

If there are any single ladies who like this pic… holla at me… i know lots of celebrities and i am real buff… am hoping i can meet some girls through starz …

Thanks starz for giving me a way to share my pics with other fans of Shaq O’ Neal and Dwyane Wade

By the way, i am 6′ tall just look short next to them… thanks!

Shaq is the man! We are going to miss seeing him on the courts. -StarzUncut

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