Paris Hilton Gets a Tense Conversation on “The View”


Did anyone catch Paris Hilton on “The View?” It looks like the interview got a little heated.

Paris was talking about her new reality show, “The World According to Paris,” and the ladies of “The View” seemed to be getting a little skeptical.

Whoopi asked about the fact that people are going to be watching Paris shop when instead Paris should be doing something else that will make others take her more seriously. Barbara Walters also asked about how Paris should be helping out others more. Paris said that she does charity all the time, but Barbara asked why Paris doesn’t show that off more “if indeed it exists.”

It’s a pretty blunt question, but…why doesn’t Paris show that off more? It might be helpful if her new show had shots of her helping charities rather than look at the cute sunglasses.

So they have Paris on their show just to grill her? Whatever happened to being nice to your guests? -StarzUncut

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