Eminem Makes A Nasty Comment About Lady Gaga In New Song


Eminem just made quite an insult to Lady Gaga in his new song “A Kiss.”

He makes a reference about her previous rumor that she’s a hermaphrodite. He also raps that he wants to “get with” Katy Perry.

This seems kind of familiar with “The Real Slim Shady” when he made certain comments about Christina Aguilera.

Although Lady Gaga probably won’t take this so seriously. She managed to laugh the rumor off in her “Telephone” video so this hopefully won’t create a conflict.

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  • Kaytee

    Well, I am a big fan of Eminem and both Lady Gaga. I am more of a fan of Lady Gaga instead. I think Eminem was being out of line. He better apologize and he better apologize good! Eminem…I think the people of America are ashamed of you. I also personally think he should apologize to America for insulting this fantastic singer that so many people of the world love and enjoy very much! Eminem…. I am ashamed!!!!!!