Plaxico Burress Out Of Jail


Former Superbowl Champion of the NY Giants, Plaxico Burress, has been released from jail after spending 20 months in prison for shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan night club. He was at the height of his career after catching the winning TD of Superbowl 2008 only to be thrown behind bars for carrying a loaded weapon and firing it…accidently at himself.

He has been awaiting this day to smell fresh air, but apparently his prison digs were not so fresh. A guard described his room as “filthy” as there was open bags of food everywhere. Maybe he wanted to bring a bit of Manhattan in his room since there is always garbage bags littering the streets.

He is now looking forward to rehabilitating his football career and his agent has expressed that there is considerable interest in his talents from NFL teams.

Let’s just hope he learns his lesson and hires a bodyguard this time around. -StarzUncut

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