Shakira Shakira Ohhh Baby


Celeb: Shakira
Where: Washington D.C.
When: 2009


I am one luckkkkky girl, I was able to score a way in to the 2009 Obama Inaugural Celebration where I ran into SHAKIRA…

Let me tell you about this encounter…. the girl was alwaysss smiling, everytime someone came up to her to take a picture she was so warm and happy to take a picture.

She is sooooo pretty, all my life people have told me that I am good looking and when I look at this picture I feel like nothing compared to Shakira… her skin glows and her curves, wow they are deadly.

Shakira has this beautiful and innocent accent to her voice, she is someone that I wish I could be best friends with… a lot of times you meet celebrities and you are would never want to be their friend if they were not famous, well Shakira is one person that you would love to be her friend she seems very sweet and fun.

I heard she recently performed at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium where she got her sexy man Gerard Pique and the whole team to shake what their mama gave them!

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