A Night To Remember With The Beautiful Paris Hilton


Celeb: Paris Hilton
Where: MGM Hotel – Las Vegas
When: 1st time in 2003 – second time in 2005

This is just one of the many photos I was lucky enough to get with Paris Hilton. When I first saw her in a magazine I thought she was darling!

When I heard that she was going to be at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in 2003 I was excited. I attend the show every year courtesy of my uncle. I told myself I would meet her. I saw her backstage and she told me she liked my outfit. I got a picture. Two years later – I was kicked out of my VIP seating in Las vegas because there were no more spots for Paris and her Posse. I handed my picture to her bodyguard from two years prior, and she invited me over. She autographed the photo for me, and I got to hang out with her the entire night! I got three additional photo’s and she was so genuinely nice to me. Her bodyguards escorted me to and from the restroom. We left in a Pink Escalade Limo to go back to the Hardrock where she was staying. I went up to her room with her, and she played her new song for me that had not yet been released. There were no drugs what-so-ever and she is an honest great person. She definitely made that a night to remember for me, and I will always thank her for that.

You both look beautiful, Paris we always knew you were such a sweetheart :) -StarzUncut

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