Kris Humphries vs. Bret Lockett-Kim K Pick One Or The Other


Tough decision which to go with…

The New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries or #26 of the New England Patriots Bret Lockett.

In the ’10 – ’11 season Kris Humphries put up .572 Field Goal Percentage, 7.4 Defensive Rebounds and a total of 10.0 points.

On the other hand Bret Lockett in the ’09 season had 7 tackles, 0.0 sacks and 1 forced fumble.

It’s clear they both aren’t All-Star players, but the real question is which one will be able to put up with Ms Kardashian…

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  • mello yello

    I don’t believe that Kim K. cheated with this Bret guy, he’s a third string loser. If he infact had a relationship with her why did’nt he give ANY information. He was asked when and where they met and his reply was ” Uhh, thats irrevelant.” Well no its not! I think he didn’t give any info because there is none to give. I don’t think he could name a place because he never met her and he has never met Lauren London either. Maybe he has the hots for Kim and thinks that he could have a shot if he could come between her and Kris. I think Bret Locket is a messy biotch who has just about as much of a chance of hooking up with Kim K. as I do. And finally, how would Kim know to ask Bret’s 20 yr old brother for his number? Who the hell is his brother?? Another nobody.