Kim Kardashian Strikes Back

kim-kardashian-bret lockett-denying-texts-emails-pictures

Kim Kardashian has put on her boxing gloves and is ready for a huge bout with Bret Lockett, the New England Patriot claiming she had an affair with him while she was with her present fiancee Kris Humphries.

She is sticking to her story denying she ever met him or even knows him. Lockett had an online interview yesterday in which he stated he has texts, emails, and pictures of their relationship, which seemed like a knockout blow to Kim and Kris’ engagement. However, Lockett failed to mention specifics or details on the relationship but seemed very confident in his story and claimed there was overlap when Kim was with Kris Humphries.

But Kim is firing back with jabs of her own telling Lockett to “Shut Up and Take it Back, or else!” She is ready for a throwdown in court.

The story continues…stay tuned - StarzUncut

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