MVP Dirk Nowitzki Celebrating His Championship Win



Did you hear??? Dirk Nowitzki finally got a ring!!!! The Dallas Mavericks just beat the Miami Heat in 6 games to win the NBA Championship.

Dirk was so emotional to win he could not even stay on the court to celebrate…
I think all of America wanted to see Dirk and Jason Kidd finally win a ring…

Reminds me of the days of watching stockon and malone and how they never got to
win a ring….

Lebron James, Dwane Wade I feel bad for them but you know what I love humbleness
over arrogance… I hope this teaches them a lesson that in the end a team will
always be stronger than superstars…

Dirk is Dirk!!!!!

Congrats to Dirk and the Mavs, you guys earned it! -StarzUncut

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