Happy 25th Birthday To The Olsen Twins!


Happy Birthday to the Olsen Twins!

They’re 25-years-old today! It seems just like yesterday when they were saying “You got it, dude” on Full House.

It also seems so recent when they were doing those mystery videos. Although they were corny and kind of weird, they were pretty entertaining for younger kids. Remember the sleepover party? “Dare to dance, baby!”

It’s interesting how the twins managed to continue working together in random straight-to-video movies. Some included riding horses, painting billboards, and soccer games. Then they started traveling to Rome and London. The writers must’ve really known how to get creative…

It seems that the twins have disappeared in the last five years or so. “New York Minute” was their last movie together, and ever since, they started doing some fashion work. Then all of a sudden, Mary-Kate appeared in “Beastly.” That was kind of out of the blue.

Now at 25-years-old, Mary-Kate and Ashley have created quite a phenomenon as kids, and even as teenagers. Now as young women, what will be their next plan?

It looks like they might not even be working together anymore, but whatever comes next, let’s just hope it’s not another “So Little Time.” -StarzUncut

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