“Rob Kardashian Is A Big Flirt”


Celeb: Robert Kardashian
Where: Playboy Mansion
When: A looong time ago

I ran into Robert Kardashian years ago at a Playboy party and we talked for 10 minutes. For 9 of those 10 minutes, he did nothing but stare at my cleavage. He kept buying me and my friends drinks and he was flirting with me and kept saying I could be a model and I have the best body. After he realized I would not put out to him, he started flirting with my friends and even told her the same lines he told me.

He thought he was the Pimp because of his sisters, I was stupid to give him my cell and he texted me that same night and said he wanted me to go to Vegas with him and he would pay for my hotel and all other expenses.

I think living at home with all those big boobs and butts has to make a boy horny growing up!

Hope you enjoyed my story Starz!

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