Amy Winehouse Booed At Concert

Amy Winehouse is off to a rough start with her new tour.


She just got out of rehab, and is now performing again, but it’s not going very smoothly. At a concert in Serbia, she was booed and jeered by the audience.

It would seem like the audience was being unfair, but their booing was due to Amy’s lack of putting on a performance. She showed up over an hour late, barely sang the songs, and kept going off stage while the band continued to play.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound very fun. Maybe Amy needs more time to cope. Celebrities shouldn’t always get right back on their feet again the second they leave rehab. They should probably take more time to pay attention to their health rather than their career.

After all, it’s not like Amy can never go back to touring again. But her latest performance might make an exception… -StarzUncut

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