Blake Lively Swims With Sharks


So Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are too scared to swim with sharks…unlike another actress who just swam with them during her latest filming.

Blake Lively was in South Africa when she went into the water with some great whites!

That’s pretty intense, Blake even said that when she was on the boat, they threw some blood into the water, which lured the sharks to them. That’s scary, since that seems like the sharks would be hungry for some human flesh!

But that was when Blake dove into the water, and managed to not be eaten or even slightly hurt.

Blake said that she was scared at first, but it was amazing being in the water with them. She was so amazed that she realized that sharks are afraid of us too.

She’s also worried about how humans treat sharks. Apparently, people brutalize them and take their fins and stuff. Maybe that’s why we ought to be afraid of them…

It’s nice to see that Blake has some guts though…but none for the sharks to eat. -StarzUncut

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