Ryan Dunn You Will Be Missed By The Entire World


Celeb: Ryan Dunn
Where: Pennsylvania
When: Couple years ago


Found this old pic of Ryan Dunn and I, what a great time we all had this memorable night in our home town Westchester. This immediately brought back old memories, I couldn’t help but smile when looking at this pic.

I heard about his passing, Ryan was a dear friend of mine and had a huge impact in my life. Ya he was known for doing jackass stunts, but when you got to know him on a personal level he is one of the most genuine and kind people you will ever meet.

The world has truly lost a wonderful and amazing person. I am completely devastated over this unfortunate incident and will have to take it day by day.

Ryan you will be missed by the entire world. -StarzUncut

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  • Elio

    Why feel sorry for him, this is what you get for Drinking and Driving..

    Thank God he only killed himself and his friend, and not some family driving home from church