Feud And Other Info After Ryan Dunn’s Death


There’s some Twitter drama going on between Roger Ebert and Bam Margera.

After Ryan Dunn’s death yesterday, film critic, Roger Ebert made a Tweet about Ryan, saying that “friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” That was when Bam Margera tweeted his thoughts on that, saying that Roger needs to “shut his fat f***ing mouth,” and that he has “the gall to put in his two cents.”

Now Roger’s saying that maybe he was “too quick to tweet.” He also said that what he tweeted wasn’t meant to be cruel, but to be true. And if Ryan had been driving at 110 miles per hour, no one has business in doing so. He also could’ve gotten someone else hurt and/or killed.

It also turned out that Zachary Hartwell was the passenger in the car with Ryan. Zachary was also identified as one of the drinking buddies in the picture that got posted before the crash.

It’s a tragic situation. Right now, it’s just about Ryan and Zachary’s loved ones. -StarzUncut

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  • Marie apodaca

    It’s a sad thing and yea he shouldnt have been driving. But the sad truth is that he did and now he’s gone. I think the only thing left for the fans and people who loved him to do is keep his memory alive! Im sure bam and everyone else fans and all who loved him would agree keep him alive by stories and memories! RYAN DUNN YOU ARE LOVED AND WILL BE MISSED VERY MUCH! R.I.P MAN!