“True Blood” And the Fans


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer make a great team.

In the new issue of “Men’s Health,” Stephen just revealed that his wife gives him permission to do more to his fans than just sign autographs. She actually lets him bite his fans’ necks- and even their breasts!

Wow, it must be awesome being married to Anna Paquin. And she also shows that she’s endearing to her fans.

It’s always great to have a girl who’s caring about other people, and isn’t the jealous type.

Word is also out that “True Blood” might be ending soon. The director plans to go as far as a fifth season, but after that, he’s not so sure.

So let’s get some high fan-base, y’all!

“True Blood” will be back on HBO this Sunday! Any more wonders on which character will be coming out of the closet?

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