Justin Bieber’s Crazy Macy’s Event


It must either rock or suck to be Justin Bieber.

Sure, he’s famous, the girls love him, and he’s dating Selena Gomez. But when it comes to signing autographs in Macy’s, things can get pretty chaotic.

Bieber was in the department store doing his nice gestures for the fans when things got a little rowdy. A man even tried to help Bieber out, but he assumed that the man was just a crazy fan.

That’s probably not surprising since the man had knocked Bieber to the ground! Security had to haul him away, but it turned out that the crazy man was just an undercover cop trying to help the singer out.

It all turned out to just be a misunderstanding. Bieber was even able to finish his promotional event.

But next time, let’s have everyone on cue for crazy incidents. Bieber probably doesn’t like surprises.

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