Lindsay Lohan Officially Going To Jail?


Yes, we all know that Lindsay Lohan is hogging up the gossipy media headlines, but here’s an interesting update on her house arrest…

She failed an alcohol test and will be heading back to court tomorrow. She actually took two tests, one that was positive and the other that was negative. Although she was negative for drugs, the alcohol still stood. And the best part is that the Probation Department does not like that Lindsay is having parties during her house arrest, and they actually want to put her in jail.

It’s about time someone thinks logically.

We’ll see what happens when she goes to court for the 100000000000000th time… -StarzUncut

UPDATE: Lindsay was just found not in violation of her probation and was aloud to go home.

The judge said no parties and only one friend is aloud over at a time.

In response to Lindsay’s latest crazy antics the judge said  “poor judgment and stupid.”

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