Florence Henderson Admits To Catching An STD!!!!


Okay that’s gross.

Florence Henderson a.k.a. Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch” admitted to receiving crabs after a one-night stand.

Strangely enough, the one-night stand happened to be with the former mayor of New York, John Lindsay.

Florence admitted this bizarre story in her new book, “Life is Not a Stage.”

I’ll say it’s not! Unless there’s some play that’s based on mayors that lead to crabs!

Florence has some massive guts for admitting her story, but the fact that it happened is just plain nasty! Ugh, it’s scarier to think where John has been!

Can you imagine Carol Brady hving a one-night stand? We were all young once, but…it’s Carol, the adorable Mrs. Brady!

We can only imagine what else her new book will talk about? -StarzUncut

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